Judy Chang Gummelt, Psy.D.

Contact Info

Holistic Psychologist

Business Overview

I am a Holistic Psychologist/Consultant specializing in the empathic focused treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Stress Management, Addictions and Relationships. I see people of all ages for individual, couple, family or group therapy.

Geographic Area

New York, NY , Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. I am also licensed in CA and HI.

Line of Business

Health and Medical > Healthcare Professionals > Mental Health Specialists

Products And Services

Empathic Holistic focused treatment incorporating EMDR, Alchemy, Nutritional Supplements, Psychotherapy and other tools working with individuals, couples, families and groups. I normally see people in person for double session, every other week in OR and NY, and available every weekend in WA, with phone or skype as needed between visits. Longer intensive sessions can be arranged.

Additional Information

I am bicoastal between New York and Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. To listen to my radio interview, go to: http://www.divination.com/podcast/judychanggummelt/. I am in network in OR and WA with Aetna, and all locations with Cigna. Cancellations without a minimum of 24 hr notice will be charged for the time booked.


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